Why Tumblr Overtook Snapchat In For Sending Nudes

While Snapchat grew a reputation as a nudes sharing app early on, Tumblr’s always been a huge source of adult content as well. Today, Tumblr an even more popular way to share nudes than Snapchat. And it has nothing to do with the fact that Tumblr users are obsessed with posting pictures of themselves.

Tumblr is easily the biggest social network for porn, and people often use Tumblr as a place to post their own amateur porn or sexy images they’d like some feedback on from other users. One study found that 40% of all porn on Tumblr is homemade (compared to 12% on Facebook). So while Snapchat was getting a bad rep as a platform for sexting, Tumblr was quietly becoming the more popular option by far.

According to one Tumblr blogger who writes about sex toys and adult products, Tumblr is now “a big player in the sexual marketplace.” Her blog gets hundreds of thousands of visitors every month from Tumblr alone — which is nearly 10x the number of visits her site sees from Twitter and Instagram combined. She also claims that she’s seen a huge increase in traffic since switching over from Snapchat to Tumblr.

She says that she started using Tumblr more often after noticing how many people were sending nudes via direct messages there. While Snapchat may have been popular for sexting in the past, Tumblr is quickly overtaking it, especially among women.

What’s So Great About Tumblr?

The most obvious reason why so many people are using Tumblr for sending nudes is because of its massive user base. According to Comscore, Tumblr had 145 million monthly active users at the end of 2016. That dwarfs Snapchat’s daily average of 100 million MAUs.

There are also tons of other reasons why Tumblr is better for sexting. Unlike Snapchat, which only lets you send photos, videos, or text, Tumblr gives users more options when it comes to what they want to share. You can send photos, gifs, memes, links, audio clips, and video clips. This means that your recipient has more ways to respond and show interest.

And just like any social media platform, Tumblr has a built-in audience. If someone posts something on Tumblr, anyone else who’s following them will see it too. It’s incredibly easy to get attention from strangers on Tumblr. Even if you’re not trying to send nudes, you’ll still be able to find people looking for similar content.

Tumblr also makes it much easier to hide your identity. Unlike Snapchat, which uses your phone number to verify your account, Tumblr doesn’t require any personal info. All you need to sign up is a username and password. Plus, users have complete control over whether they make their profile public or private. There’s no need to worry about your privacy being compromised.

As long as you’re careful about whom you send nudes to, there’s no risk of your pics ending up online. And since Tumblr already has tons of adult content, there’s an entire community of people who are used to seeing naked pictures.

Not only does this make sending nudes feel less risky, but it also helps build trust. You can start building a relationship before you send nudes, and then send them whenever you’re ready.

Is Tumblr Safe?

Despite all these advantages, some people still wonder whether Tumblr is safe. After all, it’s so popular for sharing nude pictures that it’s a target for hackers. But thanks to Tumblr’s strict Terms of Service, this isn’t really a problem.

Tumblr requires all users to agree to the terms upon signing up. They include things like a ban on nudity and hate speech, and a requirement that you only upload content that’s yours. The company also adds new restrictions every year that strictly prohibit illicit activity.

For example, Tumblr banned revenge porn in 2015. Since then, they’ve also cracked down on revenge porn and child pornography. As you might expect, these changes have led to a drop in the number of people uploading explicit content.

But that doesn’t mean that Tumblr is completely free of problems. There are plenty of people who still upload illegal content, like child pornography, and sometimes the site fails to take it down fast enough.

It’s also hard to tell whether Tumblr is actually safer than Snapchat. After all, both services allow you to send and receive nudes.

One thing that’s definitely safe to say is that sending nudes through Tumblr is much safer than doing the same on Snapchat. Snapchat has been hacked multiple times, which means that anything you send could end up online. On the other hand, Tumblr doesn’t have a data breach history.

In addition to preventing hacking, Tumblr also takes safety seriously by removing objectionable content. For starters, users are required to log into their accounts. This prevents people from creating anonymous profiles and posting questionable content.

Is Nudes Tumblr Really Better Than Snapchat?

If you want to find out if Tumblr is better than Snapchat for sexting, all you need to do is try it yourself. Sign up for an account and send some nudes to a friend. When you’re done, compare the experience.

Are you satisfied with the results? Or would you rather stick with Snapchat? Keep in mind that Snapchat has a lot of advantages as well. Like Facebook and Twitter, it’s a good way to connect with friends and family. You can also use it to stay up-to-date on news stories and viral videos.

But if you’re asking if Tumblr is better than Snapchat for sending nudes, my answer is yes. Tumblr’s user base is bigger, its content is more varied, and its security features are stronger. It’s also easier to use, especially if you’re new to the world of sexting.